Our goal is to have a Proper, Efficient and Effective representation of KARIFEST FOUNDATION across the African Continent to engage in humanitarian services!

We advocate that Africans should be treated with as much dignity as the rest of the civilised world especially outside our continent and this noble cause we are continually committed to in the following ways as part of OUR GOAL FOR AFRICA:

  • To be a Pan African hub for charity engagements from various platforms for rendering aids to individuals and groups on the African continent.
  • To improve and advance general self-development through Mentoring Programmes, Entrepreneurship and Economic Advancement for teenagers, youths, women, individuals and groups towards promoting Africa, Africans, people of African Origin and anything positively associated with Africa.
  • To have a proper, efficient and effective representation across Africa!
  • To provide an efficient platform for new African products-entry into the African trading space and promotion of existing products for proper marketing of goods and services in Africa.
  • To be a top communications and logistics giant for individuals and organisations requiring first class services for their brands.
  • To act as creators and concept developers for leading and emerging brands.
  • To Advocate global positive change and provide a platform through which dreams can be brought to reality; exploring, projecting and promoting talents with a view to contributing positively to general development across Africa.
  • To partner with governmental agencies in delivering projects and implementing government policies.
  • To provide a platform for the physically challenged and visually impaired across Africa who desire to drive their dreams to REALITY.