EDUCATION is one area the KARIFEST FOUNDATION takes seriously.

As part of our goals to promote better education in Africa using Nigeria as our point of contact, the KARIFEST FOUNDATION sponsors and promotes events on education yearly, visits schools, donate books and provides cash to families to pay for their children school fees.

Youths are also beneficiaries of this. To help facilitate this, we have set aside a special fund for education by the KARIFEST FOUNDATION through which these programs are funded yearly.

In addition, we engage in endurance walk from time to time in rural communities and visit markets to enlighten parents and children on the need to take education seriously because an educated society is an economically buoyant society and we believe that the best legacy you can bestow on a child is education, hence we are working tenaciously to reduce illiteracy in Nigeria and Africa ultimately.

Using Nigeria as our hub-focus, yearly the KARIFEST FOUNDATION sponsors and supports events that seek to promote Education in Africa.

The KARIFEST FOUNDATION also partners with organizations with similar goals to promote and sponsor teenage education.

We embark on “Off-Street Campaigns to discourage Teenage Hawking on the streets, advocate vocational education and motivate/sponsor others back to school.

*  We organize events yearly to promote better education, Inspire, Educate and Mentor the African Child and youth.

Below are some of such programs:




* We do programs yearly that empowers the African Teenager in Vocational Education,Skill Acquisition and Talent Building.

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