Using a High Powered Technology System, Human Resource Networking Platforms and Inspirational Programs, we project a revolution for Africa of our dreams by mentoring a generation equipped for global positive change!


The KARIFEST FOUNDATION is a charity organization that was set up over a decade ago to Advocate Positive Change, Celebrate Africa, Africans, People Of African Origin And Promote Anything Positively Associated With Africa!

Amongst other areas of engagement, the foundation is concerned with Community advancement, Economic Empowerment, Education, Social Development, Events and Advocacy. The foundation through its many programmes impacts on the society positively.

We have Teens, Youths and Women as our beneficiaries. We care for the elderly and support Home Health Care Agencies who fall within our scope of operations and those who are involved in community service and offer Care-Giving support services are our partners across Africa.

We hope to be a major key player in building and reinventing charity support systems across the globe for human advancement, using Africa as our hub-focus.


  • Vision
  • Integrity
  • Ethics


  • Honesty
  • Motivation
  • Result Oriented.


  • Impact
  • Community
  • Advocacy